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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bound for Lima and maybe further!

Day 6 ( 326 Km)

 The music stopped last night @ 4 am so we had about a 3 hour sleep and got an early breakfast to get on time for the speedboat tour to the islands in front of Paracas. The boats could hold 45 people each and about 30 of them took off to these islands, where supposed to be the biggest sea lion colonies in the world, as well as an enormously bird population of pelicans, bobo's, ducks and seagulls, even a few pin-quins. Actually it was amazing to see this abundant wildlife so up close and it was very impressive that with so many people and boats around it was not chaos, it was a good experience. 10 am back in the hotel, picked up our bags and took of around 11 am for Lima.


     The first 60 km was slow with a lot of traffic, but soon there was an "Autopiste" 4 lanes and no]]harfly any traffic and we were hauling ass to get to Lima another 200 km away. Drizzle started, just enough to get a little wet and soon we hit traffic about 30 km before Lima. Lima is a disorganized city of 10 million people and traffic is a chaos and took us 2 full hours to get from south to north and of course there are no road signs to tell you were you going. One big mess but eventually out of town and soon traffic was doable. 

     Around 5 pm I saw a fairly new motel on the main road and decided to call it a day, because next town was 100 km away and I still do not have headlights, due to a short in my wiring! Surprisingly the hotel was nice and very cheap, had hot water and very good WIFI, then to my own surprise playing with my laptop. I heard something rattling inside and after opening it up, I found the hard drive sitting loose and after connecting it, I was able to boot again and continue my blog again, so overtime for me tonight!

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