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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Going Noth to Trujillo on the"Panamericana" highway.

Day 7 (487 km)

  Early start, because we wanted to go as far as possible north, using the nice paved coastal road. So 7:30 am we left and were going through a desert with on both sides sand and some high dunes here there and hardly any people living here. The first 200 km went smooth and gassed up and took a cold drink, because outside was hot and humid. 
Scotty started to hear some rattling in the engine/clutch area since yesterday and it started to get worse every km. Soon we found out that the chain was eating up the aluminum of the swingarm and had to readjust the chain again and this seemed to solve the problem for right now.

             The road was very nice paved and winded through the desert and even sometimes boring, the scenery was like you could expect on the moon, but eventually shit happened, Scotty overtaking a truck in a curve, another truck behind that truck decided to do this at the same time, pushing Scotty more to the left and  he hit an oil spot and wiped out , riding over an 100 km an hour and Scotty and bike crashed and were sliding over the asfalt for more as 100 meters . Looking at this right in front of me as it happens, I thought this is it, bye bye Scotty, but after sliding and rolling, Scotty got up and walked to the side of the road  fast and luckily there was no other traffic coming to hit him front on. None of the trucks or cars stopped and after having quickly accessed the damaged, we had to unload his bike and found out his handlebar was a little bend and the bike received some additional souvenirs! Scotty said he was not hurt-ed, but on the end of the day he could not walk anymore because of some problem with his ankle, probably leggements stretched or worse. We decided to make some changes and stay 2 days in Trujillo to rest and look for a mechanical work shop to do some maintenance on our bikes.

Once arrived in Trujillo, 

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