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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 9 & 10 (487 Km)

     After spending 3 nights in this downtown hotel, Scotty was ready to go more or less, because we had to be out of Peru on the 13th, otherwise we were risking that the customs will confiscate our bikes for being to long in the country, so we took off @ 9 am and hit the Panamerican highway again north and all we saw this day was new pavement, but very boring strait roads with only sand and garbage of both sides of the pavement, but @ 6:30 pm we reached Sullana 500 km north of Trujillo and only 2 hours away from the border with Ecuador. Both bikes were doing great, so hopefully that will continue and the mechanics 2 days ago must have done a good job. Scotty started to limp around again and probably will get better in the near future.

  Peruvian drivers are the worst of all Latin America and never saw saw so many hostal encounters in traffic, they really out to kill you and especially if you on a motorcycle, they want to push you of the road, especially if you try to overtake them.

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