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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tikal, a must see place in the Jungle.

Tuesday 1/17/2011

Day 3

Distance ( 188 km)

Entrance Finca Ixobel, Poptun
The Hilton
Woke around five and finally had some internet and found out my son Ulysses was supposed to leave on a plane to Brasil, so had to make some phone calls to see he was going on his first trip alone oversees. updated the blog and hopefully on our way to Tikal today, but it is drizzling, just enough to get wet!

Ceiba tree

The finca we were staying in was very basic, but very nice and it was actually cold last night in the Hilton, getting some home made bread for breakfast, so the day started out good for me. 

Going Tikal

We left in drizzle rain, but pretty soon it stopped and an hour later we were in El Remate, where we checked in a nice hotel, left all the luggage there and an half hour later, we were heading for Tikal what was just 40 Km away, parked the bikes and started hiking to the pyramids. An hour later i noticed that I left my keys still in the moto and started to get worried, if I will ever see her back. Anyway we returned around five, tired from hiking and was glad I saw the bike again and went back to the hotel to get a few beers to celebrate that all went well today.


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