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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The mountains of Chiapes

Sunday 1/22/2012

Day 8 Distance (238 km)


     Today another early start, to beat the crowds and heat @ the ruins  of Palenque. It all seems to me the same, after I visited the last week various ruins and after the mandatory 2 hour sight seeing tour, we left and finally start climbing the mountains, after we first visited a water fall "Misal-Ha"
I had to take a swim in the cascade cold pool, what was refreshing.

      Sofar we had only flat roads this trip and it 
was time for a change and change there was and pretty soon we were a 2500 meter with all the views accordingly and it would be a test for my clutch, which was going out before we left, so actually had to go moderately up hill, to be sure I would make it home next week. After 4 hours of intensive steering, braking and watching out for toppes (bumps), we reached San Cristobal

I even made a video, while driving at 2000 meters high! Check it out, I did it driving without my hands on the 

Misol-Ha waterfalls
San Cristobal is a nice old colonial town, were the temperature dropps to freezing in the night, but today was predicted 7 C, which is a nice change of the warm humid air in the last 7 days. We reached around 4 pm strolled around the plaza and took it easy till dinner time in the hotel to catch up what happened with the world around us. The internet in the Hotel was sofar the best, we came across!

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