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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dirt roads to Lanquin

Tuesday 1/24/2012

Day 10 Distance (246 km)

Scotty on the dirt road
      We decided Huehuetenango sucks, polluted, trashy and smelly, but it was the cheapest hotel this trip $2.00 p/p, you can't beat that and you didn't need A/C or fan (There was not one any anyway) 
So after a good breakfast just before 7am, we left  the town towards Lanquin. The road in the beginning was good and soon we were again up high in the mountains and all we did was making  curves and pulling brakes, but eventually we hit the washboard road with potholes and the road was so bad, we only were making 15 kph. The biggest landslide, I ever saw in my live, was on this road and I guess one third of the mountain must have collapsed from 3000 meter high and block the only road, but some farmers created their own road on their property and were charging toll, but only $1.00 per vehicle. Made some interested video, but the internet here in Lanquin is terrible, Anyway after suffering for a couple of hours on this dirt road, we reached Coban, ate at  McDonald and continued to Lanquin were we reached around 4 pm. Took a well deserved shower to get the dust out of everything and  hit the town for some beers. 

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