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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road to Palenque, the last Maya ruins for me this year, they say.....

Saturday 1/21/2012

Day 7 Distance (436 km)

Highway Golf of Mexico
Today we were on the road before 7am, we wanted to go to Palenque, what was at least a 6 hour drive, filled up the bikes with gas, oil and chain oil and took of flying.

Rest stop on the Gulf

    2 hours later we hit the gulf coast of Mexico, just under the city of Campeche and had a very strong crosswind towards  the town of Champoton, what seems to be a nice fisherman city with a lot of activity.

       We had a breakfast stop at a nice beach side restaurant and decide shrimp omelet will do it for the location.
An hour later, we hit the rod again to try to get early in Palenque, were we arrived around 2 pm
Pure Vitamins
Sea going uphill 
This place was crowded with tourists and little shops and restaurants, I did my laundry here for $ 2.00, what was needed and walked around town till it was time for dinner and had to try to find Scotty, to see if he ran into trouble somewhere, so I can join him

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