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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Belize, finally I found some-one who can understand me

Wednesday 1/18/2012

Day 4 Distance ( 256 km)

The hotel, we were staying in was overlooking the lake and was quiet comfortable and in the morning we had breakfast there, took some scenic shots and packed up the bikes and left around 8 am. It was more or less an hour to the border with belize and half the time the road was unpaved with waterpools, pot holes and felt like a washboard, I guess the Guatemaleans were still pissed off the British took their "province" and decided to make a shitty road to the border. Once at the border, we had no hassle and within 20 minutes we passed both borders and had to stop at a little office to buy mandatory insurance for the bikes @ $ 6.00 per day, so we bought for 2 days!

Insurance Office

Road sign to the capital
The first little town San Ignacio was interested and soon after that it became a waste land, without people, restaurants, houses and gas stations and reached on fumes a gas station, where I filled my 5 gallon tank with 6 gallons  premium gas @ $ 5.66 and told them "They were giving it  away"
Had a beer to rinse the bad taste out of my mouth and around 2 pm found a very good road restaurant and had curry, my favorite meal! 3 pm we reached Orange Walk and we wanted today, A/C, Internet and cold beer and were asking around where the Chinese restaurants are, where Orange Walk famous for was.

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