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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last day and hit the 10000 km mark

Thursday 1/26/2012

Day 12 Distance ( 385 km)

More as 150 years young together

    Well, it was our last day and to get home we had to make by 3pm in La Ceiba and had 380 km to go, so another long day on the bike. Left 6:30 am, without coffee, but knew a breakfast place an hour away on the way from La Entrada to San Pedro Sula and stopped there to get our daily fix.  After leaving an hour later we were in San Pedro, made our way across town and were heading for La Ceiba, during this part we hit the 10000 km mile stone between our 3 trips  sofar in Central Anerica without any mechanical problems or even a flat tire.
                Stopped by uncle Tio to get the other daily fix and reached Ceiba around 1 pm. I had to see if my old Toyota was still working after been laid up for a few weeks by Hotel Iberia, because next week I am off again for another trip and wanted to be sure the car could make San Pedro airport. This time to Los Paisos Bajos, to see my family and carrying one of my grandchildren (Abner), to see his great grand mother for 2 weeks.
     After we dropped the bikes off on the Utila Express on the dock in La Ceiba, we went with the Utila Princess ferry home to Utila. The bikes would come the next day or what ever is left of it!...

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