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Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Pan-america highway into Guatemala 2500 meters

Monday 1/23/2012

Day 9 Distance (268 km)

San Cristobal 
Last night, we walked in Cristobal, to check out the street scenery and looking for a good steak house. The place was crowded after dark and soon we found a good Argentina restaurant, which was showing the size and different cuts, outside in front of the entrance on display. Decide to go back into Guatemala tomorrow and were looking forward to the high mountain roads we had to cross.

San Cristobal 
San Cristobal 
San Cristobal de la Cases
                                  They didn't see me and they got lost!!

Left 10 am after we did some sight seeing and soon we were on the  road to La Mesilla, the border town in Guatemala, it was amazing scenery and beautiful mountain roads, we passed and 2 hours later, we hit the border, checked out of Mexico and they told us by Aduana, they would return the deposit of $ 400.00 for the bike on our credit card! Towards Huehue, we hit 2500meters. There was a landslide on the PanAm and traffic was already lining up for miles, but with the moto's we were in no-while first in line. After an half an hour we were allowed to pass and continued our way.

Traffic jam mud slide
Border La Mesilla
Mud slide Panam

 Around 4 pm, we reached the town @ 2000 meters, settled down and checked out the town

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