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Friday, January 20, 2012

Backward roads of Campeche

Friday 1/20/2012

Day 6 Distance (403 km)

  Last night dinner was good, it was mussels, calamares, fish and oysters and around nine we called it the night and prepared us for the next morning, so we could visit another Maya sight in Tulum, this one was on the beach and after a short visit, we packed up our bikes again and were heading for Merida, the capital of the Yucatan. Soon we reached Chitzen Itza, had some lunch, but didn't visit the site, we had enough of Maya ruins for today and instead of going Merida, we decided to use some back roads and go further south towards Palenque. This part of the Yucatan, I believe never saw a tourist yet and we were the curiosity in every village we passed. 

Chris & Scotty Tulum

Don't know
      Aroud 4 pm we entered the state of Campeche and soon after there we hit the town Hopelchen, checked in the only hotel and soon after that we found out the Mennonites were all over the place and the whole town was dry, No BEER, we couldn't believe this and decided tomorrow to have a very early start towards Palenque, so we could catch up with what we missed today!

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