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Monday, February 25, 2013

The ending of the BR-158 in sight, after 2500 km.

Day 8 (415 km)


          Today we decided to leave around noon and it was still raining anyway, so we could catch up reorganizing our luggage and enjoy our good internet access. After we left, we passed a few nice rock formations on our way to the BR 070, which is the main road to Cuiaba and of course just before we reached in Barra do Garcas, where we had to make the right turn, I had a front tire blow out and after looking at the tire, we realized it is beyond repair and Scotty went to Barra to see if he could find a new one and meanwhile I was taking off the front wheel. Then I saw I needed to change my brake pads as well.

An hour later Scotty came back with the right size tire for only $ 65.00 and after putting it all together again, I had an issue with the new brake pads. Probably I did something wrong and we have to tend to that tomorrow because it was getting 6 pm and decided to look for a nice hotel for 2 days and do laundry and tend to both our bikes. Scotty now wanted a new front tire as spare and a new 2nd speeding cable and I had to tend to the front brake issue (binding a little bit and the front disk is getting red hot!)

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