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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Br 158, looks like it never comes to an end!

Day 7 (644 km)

    It must have rained all night and after the usual breakfast, packed up the bikes again and took off further south on the Br 158, I think another 3 nights on this road, before we make a right turn towards the Patanal and Bolivia, all the previous hotel had internet, even connected sometimes, but for some reason could not transfer data, so my blog posts and map updates, I can not broadcast.

This Br 158 is a paved road with some sections good, but you have to be careful with the many potholes, bridges and crazy Brazilian drivers, most of them must be on suicide watch! Later today we were faced with a 200 km hard packed dirt road and eventual were making 100 kmph and reached after dark reached a nice hotel with fast internet, so will be busy tonight updating the blog!

                                                        Nice short Video!

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