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Friday, February 22, 2013

Crossing the Br 230, Trans Amazonica Highway

 Day 5 (491 km)

        Left around 8 am , after they gave us a very good breakfast and we took off for Maraba. The road was pretty straight and on both sides was mostly pasture with a lot of cattle. Very soon the overcast start to get darker and we were trying to dodge the downpours, which could occur any minute, but were short and mostly in the afternoon.

Pension Eldorado
We received 2 or 3 times a downpour for a minute or so and it was actually refreshing in this intense heat and 100% humidity, and around 2 pm we reached Maraba, which is a crossroad city with the river on one side and the Trans Amazonica Highway, going right through this town. Initially we were going to take this road all the way to Peru, but being this the rainy season, it was almost undoable on a unpaved road and decided to go further south and then make a right turn for Bolivia. 

    Tried to find a hotel in Maraba, but the few it had were overpriced and the heat was so intense, that I quit looking and we decided to go to the next town a 100 km away and try our luck there.
Bridge at Maraba
The place we ended up in was called Eldorado, checked into the “Atlanta” hotel, which said had the only internet in town, but it did not work on the end, and to make things worse lights went off till 9 pm, We had a few beers in town . Had some road food on the side of the street and called it the day. Vegetarians are in bad shape in Brazil, because everything is based on meat and they stuff you with it till you full, so I was in good shape here and the restaurants were losing money, when I walk in!

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