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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back on the road again!

Day 1 & 2 (9141 km)

   Left Utila on a Monday morning with 2 suitcases full of motorcycle parts on the Utila Princess to La Ceiba, where a taxi was waiting for us, to make the 2 hour trip to San Pedro Sula to catch our 24 hour long flight back to Belem, Brazil, leaving 11:45 AM with TACA ( Take Another Chance Again). 
    Expecting hassle on the airport with TACA insisting that we needed an onward/return ticket to leave Brazil, before they let us board the plane, I made a fake one last week with a different airline for us, with a scheduled flight from Rio to Buenos Aires, Argentina, which looked better as the one we had to go to Brazil with, all it took was a word processor!  Later sitting in the plane, smiled to myself and I thought, we just past with flying colors the first obstacle in the paper jungle of Latin America. After a quick stop in Salvador, Bogota and Rio, we reached Belem on Tuesday in the afternoon and went to the Hostel to find out if all is still there! Tired we checked a little later the motorcycles and Scotty's did not start  and had a flat tire and a dead battery, but surprisingly mine was working and even changed the exhaust, air filter and all sound tuned up. Tomorrow we going to fix Scotty's I hope, drank a few beers, forgot to eat and had a good first night rest.

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