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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fixing bikes and paperwork!

Day 3 & 4 (311 km)

    Woke up after 7 am and after a good "Cafe" breakfast, went to continue to fix the bikes, changed the oil, fixed blinking lights, charges Scotty's battery , but after all that, the bike was stilling running bad, so we ended up late in the afternoon by the Kawasaki place and they cleaned his carburetor and during this process found out that one of his speeding cables was torn as well, but around 7 pm all was fixed and it was time to to get out the wet, dirty clothes, took a bath and went for a good steak dinner with the cold beer what was part of it. It was a very hot day and hopefully it was the last time getting sweaty, maintaining the bikes this trip!

It was very hot!
Motel Paragominas
   Thursday, we start to pack our way too many bags with, parts and clothes and went looking for the "fazienda" to extend our paperwork for the bikes, which had only a few days left on the permit, and after the usual running around, we received an additional 21 days, went back to the hotel, packed up everything and took off south to Paragominas about 300 km south to start our trip and test out the bikes! 

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