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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rest day and Maintenance in Barro do Garcas

Day 9 (20 km)

          Went town early to buy a rear tire so that my bike has now 2 brand new tires, what set me back $ 125.00, Scotty wanted a new front tire as well and then we went to the first taller around the corner to install them for $ 5.00 each , fixed all the inner tubes that had pinch holes in it and after that to another taller to take care of all the other little issues, my brakes, Scotty’s speeding cables and brake pads and around noon all was fixed, so now we have 2 spare old tires (front and back) and I believe 6 inner tubes in 2 sizes and 2 sets of old brake pads for the front wheel! 

    Paid another night in the same hotel, so we made a rest day out of it! Tried to do some laundry, but on the end we made a beer session out of it.

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