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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Further South into the interior of Brazil

Day 6 (370 km)

        At least the A/C worked last night after 9 pm and woke up in good spirits to get my “Café” breakfast, packed up the bikes again and by 8 am left on the road again to go further south. The Road was paved but everywhere potholes and this is the only type road motorcycles could go faster as cars, but did not succeed the first 200 km to do it less as 4 hours, it is like skiing to avoid all the holes and some are that a SUV could disappear in! Around 1 pm we had some chicken in Redencao and after that we went on the road again, but soon black clouds, thunder and lightning hit us and we took shelter for more as an hour and ended up continuing in a drizzle to Roca-Tapirape and when we checked into the motel all hell broke loose and it started to pour for hours, We just made it in time and all our luggage including ourselves stayed more or less dry. 


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