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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog up and running again!

Abner & Tristan (Grand-kids)

Ronald on KLR 650
Scotty on KLR 650
          After Google could not recover my account, I lost my last blog,  I spend so much time on the last 12 months and decided to make a new blog.  It took me a week to get it up running and put the blog on line while I was working on it, to see if all links, pictures, video's & post were in the correct place. So probably in the near feature, I make some more changes and then the idea is we going on a trip again in January 2012 to South America. Our last two trips, one in the interior of Honduras in January 2011, I saved all the postings done and transferred it to this new blog, the other trip, last June 2011 to Panama, I lost everything except the pictures and the road traveled, so I am trying to remember the stories as well as the timeline and add it slowly to this blog, I guess this time I will save the blog by exporting everything!

In this new blog,, I uploaded some video's as well, which were not on the old one, 

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